Kendirliler Haddecilik

About Us

Having started its commercial life in Payas Organized Industrial Zone in 2003, Kendirliler is steadily taking place among corporate, dynamic and leading companies in the sector, with a registered capital of 12 million, an asset size of 85 million and an annual output over 250 million. Our company, which is one of the leading companies in the sector, is among the top 500 industrial companies in Turkey.

THaving improved production capacity, number of employees, sales figures, investment quantities and corporate structure every year by using the latest systems of technology, Kendirliler has an annual production capacity of 500.000 Tons / Year

Kendirliler has a firm structure that has established a quality control unit within the company, has brought quality standards to its products and has received quality documents from national and international organizations with the consciousness that it is not only with sales and assets, but also with progress and growth and it is progressing with a management approach that is centred on customer and efficiency.

With its well-informed, experienced and expert staff in production, finance, marketing and procurement, Kendirliler is keeps to its goal of becoming the foundation stone of existence and growth for the future by institutionalizing in all fields. It continues its services with the first step of adding value to all its stakeholders, focusing on innovative applications.

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